Check out the amazing Esti Ginzburg  from the Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Issue

Go Where The Stars GO will tell you where she hangs out ,  how she exercizes ,  where she shops and all the information you need to 

Live like the stars

and  Look like the stars !!!!!


or how bout our favorite 

Candice Boucher

wouldn't you love to bump into this beauty squeezing the tomatoes at your local supermarket  ??

                                             more candy 

Or perhaps a chance encounter with ....

Brooklyn    Decker

would brighten your day a bit 


           Jessica Gomes

is an Australian model of Singaporean and Portuguese heritage who appeared in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 editions of the Swimsuit Issue of the United States--published magazine Sports Illustrated. She was featured in a bodypainting layout as a canvas for bodypaint artist Joanne Gair, who is in her tenth year of producing bodypaint art for the Swimsuit Issue. She was part of a record group of seven "rookie" Swimsuit Issue models, along with Quiana Grant, Melissa Haro, Yasmin Brunet, Melissa Baker, Jeisa Chiminazzo and Jarah Mariano. 


Join Sports Illustrated for a tour of the globe with the world's sexiest models. The super-models will travel to exotic beaches and explore ancient ruins and of course there is Body Painting and Danica Patrick. All this and much more in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 

SIswimsuit asked:


of course ....

Bar Refaeli

is always game

for a trip

to the beach


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