The Basics of a Celebrity Diet

When it comes to maintaining the perfect body shape, we need to hand it to these celebrities. Just a glance at their heavenly bodies is enough to make almost anyone go green with envy or develop inferiority complex immediately. Seldom do people realize that a lot of hard work in the form of regular workouts and a well planned diet is the reason behind such shape. Celebrity diets in fact these days are the talk of the town and almost everyone is trying them out in order to shed excess flab.

Although anyone can try out celebrity diets, it is another thing to stick to it over a pretty long period of time. This is where you should not let your motivation sag. You should set a deadline for yourself and constantly monitor your measurements. This will help keep your motivation levels high and ensure that you do not give up the fight midway.

One of the most common ingredients in most of the celebrity diets is fiber. Food that is rich in fiber is easy to digest and provides the body with plenty of energy without adding to the calorie count. Take Drew Barrymore for instance who sticks to a 3 meals a day schedule, which is full of healthy fibers, proteins and carbohydrates. She complements her diet with lots of jogging and golf.

Claudia Schiffer is another celebrity who instantly comes to mind whenever we are talking about celebrity diets. Her diet mostly consists of leafy vegetables and fresh fruit, with some herbal tea thrown in between. Demi Moore is another celebrity who is known for her fondness for herbal tea. She is also very particular about taking vitamins and not skipping her meals.

Handsome hunks such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney are known to stick to a strict diet. These male celebrities are very particular about having only lean meat and cutting out on junk food. There are some who also resist the temptation of dairy products. Ashley Judd is one good example who shuns milks and starts of her day with just hot water with some lemon, the secret to her glowing complexion.

Oprah Winfrey is another good example for a celebrity who takes good care of herself. Her diet includes rice, potatoes, pasta and bread, while she avoids deep fried food. She also hits the gym regularly to keep in great shape. The same goes for Jennifer Lopez too who is a fitness fanatic, just like pop diva Madonna. These two stars work out regularly and eat a balanced diet. - Jessica Biel, Ryan Renolds and Dominic Purcell get in shape for Blade Trinity. What it takes to lose fat, gain muscle, get ripped abs and learn martial arts

                                                      The Dangers of A Celebrity Diet

What is a celebrity diet and who follows them? The term “celebrity diet” is used to refer to any diet that is recommended by celebrities. There is no single, concrete diet that all celebrities use. To be completely honest, celebrity diets are simply low-carb/low calorie diets that are not the most viable way to a permanent, healthier lifestyle. One would be best advised to eat a balanced diet that ensures plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, as well as hearty, unprocessed grains and breads. One of the worst examples of a so-called celebrity diet is the Original Hollywood Celebrity Diet drink.

I’m sure many of you have been to the drug store and have seen it. Given just two days, this juice mix will have you lose as much as 10 pounds. Surprisingly, even the most cynical have emerged nearly 10 pounds lighter after drinking only 400 calories a day. And, yes, I did say 400 calories A DAY. Not 1500-2000, but 400. Not so surprising is the fact that once you return to any sort of normal eating patterns, even if you make the necessary, healthy adjustments, you still gain it back almost instantaneously. However, I would doubt any celebrities shop where I shop and would buy such a gimmicky product. They have trendier means to meet their fitness goals.

Some celebrities swear by a raw foods diet while others claim that the Zone diet helped to shed their excess pounds. Unfortunately for the regular folks, the celebrities’ entire livelihood depends on their image and so they can easily afford to work out hours a day with a trainer and hire a personal chef to prepare all of their meals. We have to work a little harder, not all meals will be perfect, and not all workouts will be a success, but as long as we stay in the fight and continue to make progress at however slow of a rate, we will be working tenfold than what those in Hollywood have to do. You know why? It’s because we are doing it ourselves. And quite frankly, I would never advise any client, no matter their fitness level, to work out for hours at a time. The best diet to follow is not what works for your favorite celebrity in hopes of achieving identical results, but to eat responsibly. And although it sounds clich?, eating in moderation is the best dietary advice that one can be given.

All of the various diets out there are either low carbohydrate in order to control insulin levels, low fat in hopes of cutting cholesterol and cardiovascular ailments, or low calorie for those impatient ones wanting instant gratification that cannot be maintained. These are all too restrictive and difficult to maintain for many people. This is another reason as to why your diet should focus on making better choices the majority of the time, but never ruling out foods. Even though donuts are the worst food out there, it won’t do any notable harm if an active individual eats one every so often, but not every day, because by then, moderation will have been tossed out the window. To make a long story short, keep your fitness goals attainable and your meals balanced, small, and frequent, and you will soon be looking at a new you.

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