We all deserve the best of the best at the best possible price.  And guess what ?  This is exactly what the stars do.  Celebrities are notorious for getting the best of the best at a fraction of the cost.  We find these deals and pass them on to you. 

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 Maybe you need to loose some weight.  Well there is definitely a lot of advice about weight loss out there.  But who would  know better than a Star who needs to loose 20 lbs in a month to score a part in a movie. Our Celebrity Diets page will show you the newest and most effective techniques used by those whose careers depend on it.  Maybe its time to start working out again but you only have 10 minutes during the day that you can spare ?   Well the Stars have done extensive research on how to maximize workouts and we report on these radical new techniques.

Perhaps you feel that you could get better deals on clothes.  We at GoWhereTheStarsGo have found where the stars go the get the deals.   And these are amazing deals.
You , like many people (and everyone in Brazil may be considering Plastic Surgery.  If you've ever walked the streets of Beverly Hills you will definately see some botched plastic surgery.  The wrong Plastic Surgeon will ruin every day of your life. Fortunately , the Stars have sorted through a lot of the bad ones and left us some great reccomendations on the BEST PLASTIC SURGERY AT THE LOWEST PRICES.

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 If you're like a lot of people you need to make some money.  Although some stars get paid very wery well you will find that the mass of money made in Hollywood is because of smart investing.  Bob Hope made a fortune in Real Estate.  Dennis Hopper's art collection made him far wealthier than his acting.  We have gathered some of the best Celebrity Investing Tips and you will find these very enlightening.

God knows celebrities are constantly involved in Lawsuits.  But how does the average guy get justice.  If you're wondering the nuts and bolts of Lawsuits we have some advice for you.
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Celebrity Diets


Go Where The Stars Go is dedicated to the idea that everyone should live like a star.  Everyone should Dine at the best restaurants,  drink at the best bars and visit the best doctors.  Celebrities not only set trends for popular culture, they also have access to information about the very best of the best services available.  This is why so many satisfied visitors to the site tell us we're doing a great job.  Chances are the stars you admire most have similar taste to you.  For instance if you're a big fan of U2 we bet you'd probably love the same bars that they do and those places are hard to find.   If you need plastic surgery , you better believe that the top stars know the doctors who do the best work.  So, pamper yourself and live life to its fullest by indulging yourself in the best that life has to offer and GO WHERE THE STARS GO  !!!!!  

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